AlphaCare Ambassadors

Oct 9, 2019Newsletter

This summer AlphaCare finally gave a name to a group of people who have been supporting us for decades: AlphaCare Ambassadors.

What is an AlphaCare Ambassador?

AlphaCare Ambassadors are advocates and liaisons of AlphaCare to their communities. By hosting a baby shower, coordinating a baby bottle campaign, holding a bake sale or using a birthday as a fundraising opportunity, Ambassadors publicly champion our mission, specifically through fundraising, to care for pregnant women and their families.

Why give it a title?

The purpose of forming AlphaCare Ambassadors as a new designation is to show gratitude and recognition to this particular group of volunteers for their special work.

Earlier this month, we were able to acknowledge and thank our AlphaCare Ambassadors by hosting a reception in their honor. If you would like more information on how to become and AlphaCare Ambassador, please send us an email.

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